When Ag Hair Care Is Like Your First-Love Hair Care

  • August 29, 2021

Rezo Hair Care is the hair care brand of the same name that has had its share of controversy lately, after being featured on an episode of GQ.

Rezo’s shampoo and conditioner contains parabens, which can cause serious health concerns, as can its other ingredients, including deodorant.

But while it’s certainly not the first-rate hair care company in the world, it’s still an easy sell for many.

“I love to see other people get it right,” says Rezo co-founder and CEO Reza Barabasi.

“It’s not like they’re trying to hide what they’re doing.

It’s like, ‘Wow, this is awesome.'”

To find out more about the brand, we reached out to Rezo, who sent Mashable a quick email to clarify its ingredients and products, and answered some of our questions.1.

What is Ag HairCare?

Rezo haircare is a natural-formulated product, which means the ingredients are not added.

Instead, they are sourced from the natural world.

“Ag is not a synthetic chemical or synthetic animal-derived ingredient,” explains Rezo spokeswoman Katie Strayer.

“Rather, Ag is a pure and natural organic formula derived from a natural plant.

It is formulated to provide hydration, moisturizing, nourishing and protection for your hair.”2.

How does Rezo shampoo work?

In order to create a smooth, even shine, Rezo uses the same combination of enzymes that make up hair care products.

“We’re very interested in the chemical compounds that have been linked to hyperpigmentation and bleaching, and we know that they can be very toxic,” explains Barabassi.

The hair care label on Rezo products lists the presence of glycolic acid, a natural, non-irritating acid.

“These are the enzymes that break down the natural sugars that are found in your hair,” explains Strayers.

“If you have any sort of greasy, heavy hair, we recommend that you do not use these enzymes.

It can lead to premature hair loss.”3.

What does deodorants contain?

Deodorants are a great option for people who don’t want to spend $20 a month on their hair products.

They contain a mix of natural ingredients, such as baking soda, sodium chloride, and citric acid, which are both beneficial for the scalp.

However, Reza’s deodorizer is designed to work on hair that doesn’t have a natural barrier.

“Deodorants come in two main forms,” explains Lola Reza, the company’s CEO.

“The first is a non-toxic shampoo that is meant to be applied with your regular shampoo.

This is called a ‘dry shampoo.’

It is very similar to a shampoo but is meant for dry hair and has no odor,” says Barabakis.

“This is the second type of deodorizing shampoo that comes in the package.

It contains citric acids that break up hair cells and produce a chemical that breaks down the protein that normally makes up hair.

The chemical also produces hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down and causes the hair to fall out.”4.

How do I find out if a shampoo I’ve tried is vegan?

Reza recommends that you test out their products with their brand-new “Passion of Love” test kit, which comes with a bottle of hair conditioner and a hair sample.

If the product doesn’t seem to work for you, it can be because of a problem with the ingredient list.

“When we tested out our new kit, we were shocked to see that the ingredients that we thought we had in our deodorizers didn’t match up,” explains Gwen Reza.

“In addition to the chemical ingredients, we also noticed that many of the ingredients were missing.

Some of the items that we had tested were labeled as natural and some of them were not.”

Reza offers a free, one-year trial of their shampoo, which includes a 30-day trial of the deodorization process, as well as a trial of a hair care product.5.

How is Rezo hair conditioners different from other deodorized hair care brands?

The company has been working to improve the way they make their hair care formulations.

In addition to using a natural oil and natural ingredients to create the natural products, Rez also uses “rejuvenation” products that break the product down and provide nutrients to your hair.

“Rezo hair products are infused with nutrients and vitamins to help your hair grow and feel healthier,” explains barabasi, “and they also contain a natural essential oil to help you sleep better and feel refreshed.”6.

What about the price tag?

According to Reza shampoo, the product comes in a $29.95 bottle.

The company says that the $29 price tag is “not just for


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