‘Maxi’ hair straightening service is making its debut in India

  • September 23, 2021

A new online beauty brand has been launched in India, which aims to make straightening hair products a reality by offering organic hair care products.

The brand, called Maxi Hair Care, claims to offer natural hair care that’s free of chemicals and parabens.

The new Maxi products, which range from hair styling essentials to hair care items, are the first of their kind in India.

They are the only products that can be used without a prescription.

The Maxi brand is based in New Delhi and has over 500 employees.

The Maxi hair products, including a brush, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant, are available for purchase at the Maxi salon, located in the city’s busy Connaught Place area.

The salon is run by Shruti Goyal, who also runs Maxi, and is a graduate of the prestigious International Institute of Hair Management (IIHM).

Shruti said that the Maxis are organic and do not contain paraben or other chemicals.

They have a long list of scientific studies that prove that their products are 100 per cent safe.

“We also provide them with our own lab test to ensure their safety,” she said.

According to Shrutis Instagram post, Maxi is one of the few products that offers organic ingredients.

It also claims to have a wide range of products, such as a shampoo, deodoriser, conditioners, and conditioner.

Shruti Goyal has launched her own hair salon in Delhi, where customers can choose between organic hair, straightening, or styling products.

Shopping experienceShrutti said that customers can order their Maxi services online through a website called Maxitabs.

This service enables customers to choose from the organic products on offer.

Shiksha Bhatt, managing director of Maxi in New York, said that while organic products are the best, customers should be aware that they can find products that are parabened.

“The products we have on offer are made from natural ingredients and are safe for people,” she told The Times Of India.

“We don’t add any parabeners or chemicals into the products.”

The Maxis range includes products such as an organic hair product, hair straighteners, hair conditioners and deodors.

NFL, NFLPA: Players must not shave their hair in public

  • August 10, 2021

It was a simple request: Do you want to be able to take a shower while watching the game?

The response was unanimous.

Players have a right to shave their heads in public.

They have a legitimate interest in protecting their personal appearance.

And the league’s head of security, Chris Beard, told reporters Wednesday that players have been instructed to shave all their hair except for their heads and hands.

The NFL Players Association, which represents players, issued a statement Friday, saying that players will shave their beards for the duration of the regular season.

The league said it has never required players to shave the entire head of their hair.

“The league does not require players to cut their bearded head or shave their beard, but the NFLPA has been in touch with the league about this issue and has asked the league to clarify,” the statement read.

The issue has divided fans, some of whom were outraged that Beard told players that they had to shave and then asked why the league hadn’t said so.

Players and their coaches are expected to shave during the regular-season opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

But the NFL Players’ Association is calling on Beard to apologize for his comments.

The union said Beard was using language that was “unacceptable” and that it would ask the league for a clarification.

The league said Beard’s comments “were made in the heat of a sporting event, when players were on the field, and he was not in a position to make those comments.”NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“This is a difficult and emotional time for many players and coaches, and this has become a point of contention,” NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said in a statement.

“We look forward to working with the NFL and its Commissioner and will be asking for a thorough investigation into his comments.”

Smith also said the union would be filing an official grievance against Beard.

“He’s clearly out of line and completely mischaracterized the league and its players.

And I know the union is working with its lawyers to take action,” Smith said.”

There are no rules in this league and the players have no authority to force their managers to do what they see fit in order to be a part of the game.

The players have the right to have their hair cut, and I think the players want to see this right.”

The future of hair straightening: Taraji & Mahindra

  • July 24, 2021

New Scientist has published an article that reveals a new hair straighteners from the world’s largest hair straighteners manufacturer, Mink Hair Care. 

According to the article, Minky is the “future of hair care”.

The article is based on a video by Minky’s CEO, Shailesh Mankar, that was shown at the 2016 Global Hair Expo in the Philippines.

According to Mankarp, the company’s “innovative technology” enables its products to “change the way people treat hair”.

In a video posted to YouTube on April 10, Mankarko revealed that Minky will introduce a new product, the Taraji, which will be the “next generation of hair products”.

The Taraji will be a “new hair straightened product”, according to Mink, which also revealed that it will be able to treat all hair types, including “skinny”, “normal”, “complex” and “slim”. 

The Tarajis are said to be “the most advanced hair straightens in the world”.

The Mink brand is said to have been founded in 2003, when the company was founded by Dr Raghavendra Kumar, who has now gone on to found the company Luxury Brands International Inc. (LBII), which was acquired by the Indian conglomerate BSNL in 2012 for about Rs 5,000 crore ($3.8 billion).

The company was formed to “make natural hair straighters available to the world” at affordable prices. 

“Our goal is to create a market for natural hair products that are affordable and are safe for consumers,” Mankapal told the New Scientist. 

He added that the company is working with the governments of India, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia on “market expansion”. 

According a head of the Hair Care and Treatment Products (HC&T) division at Mink India, S. Rajan, the products will be available on shelves in India, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa and the US. 

The company’s head of product development, Rajesh Sharma, also said that the products “are made to order, so we do not ship products to customers”.

“We are working on creating an online platform that will allow consumers to purchase our products online,” Sharma said. In India, Mink has become the world leader in the field of hair treatment, and has more than 500 employees across the country. 

Its products are “designed to deliver the highest quality and value for money”, according the company. 

Mankapala also told the magazine that Mink has “the highest growth rate of our products in India”, which is attributed to its “high-quality, affordable products”. 

He said the company plans to launch products in the next three years. 

Raghavendran Mankarakaswamy is the CEO of Mink International, the largest company in the hair care industry.

Which Ayurveda Hair Straightener Is Right for You?

  • June 17, 2021

CaraCara, the Indian company that sells hair straighteners, is making a name for itself with its product, CaraBhair, which is made with coconut oil and coconut water.

Its new product, Monat Hair Care, comes in at $4.99 per bottle, which isn’t a bad deal for a shampoo that costs about $12 a bottle.

If you don’t like coconut oil, Caras products can be used with a water-based hair care product.

Monat is also making a line of skin care products that includes lotion, serums, and deodorants.

The company recently launched a line with Korean cosmetics brand Yeezy, which has been a hit.

If Monat doesn’t sound like a natural hair care option for you, you can also check out CaraHair, which also sells a line that includes body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.

Monatal Hair Care costs $6.49 for a two-pack, but it’s made with organic coconut oil.

It’s not the cheapest of Cara, but Cara doesn’t advertise that it’s vegan.

You can also get hair straightening services for $19.99 for two hours.

Cara claims that its products are more than just a hair straighteners.

Caras is an Indian company, and they make their hair straightened products from coconut oil sourced from Thailand.

This isn’t an easy product to find, as coconut oil isn’t easy to find.

It requires you to go through a lab test.

Carat Hair products are a good option if you’re looking for a more natural product, or you want a natural product that doesn’t have ingredients like coconut.


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