How to get the most out of your hair care product

  • September 19, 2021

Fobi, the first online hair care platform launched in India by India’s largest internet service provider, has launched an exclusive program that allows customers to shop for its own products in a single place.

Fobi launched in December with a platform to allow users to buy from a curated list of leading beauty brands and salon brands.

Now, the platform is expanding to provide a complete online store that allows for a customer to shop directly from their personal account and browse a wide variety of products.

Fobe has been launched as an alternative to Amazon and Ebay and it offers more than 4,000 hair care products ranging from scalp treatment to scalp scrubs.

Customers can browse the products on the platform by browsing categories like skincare, skincares, haircare, haircuts, haircutters, hair, hair products, haircuttons, skintones, facial scrubs, face masks, facial products, skimmer, hairbrush, hairbrushes, shampoo, moisturizers, shaving cream, facial wipes, shampoo spray, shampoos, soaps, body wash, body oils, body conditioners, hair masks, hair styling products, hair hair products that contain animal byproducts, hair care items, hair accessories, hair brushes, hair mousse, hair product packaging, hair spray, hair extensions, hair treatment products, shampoo and conditioner, shampooing foam, shampoo shampoo products, soapy soap, shampoo oil, shampoo bar, shampoo soap, shaving products, shaving soap, soap shampoo, shave gel, soap spray, shaving brush, shaving soap, shaving gel, shaving powder, shaving oil, shaving foam, shaving product packaging)The Fobi Shop offers products ranging in price from around Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,000.

The products on offer include shampoo, conditioner and conditioners like Dove, L’Oreal, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Dove Essential, and many more.

Foti, which is one of the top Indian online haircare brands, has also launched a new product range called ‘Dirty Little Girl’.

This range is a complete line of shampoo and hair care to make the best use of any salon products.

For example, the range includes Dove Natural Shampoo, Estée Lauder Conditioner, Dove Haircare Shampoo and L’Oréal Hair Care Conditioner.

It also comes with Dove Shampoo Gel, Estéées Beauty Shampoo Liquid, and Dove Natural Liquid Conditioner for those looking for a more natural shampoo for those sensitive to artificial ingredients.

Customers are able to use the shampoo and conditioning gel in their hair, scalp, face and body.

The product ranges are priced at Rs. 8,000-Rs.

12,000 per bottle.

The brand is one that has been expanding in the market with the launch of their new hair care line.

The new Fobi range is being launched in January 2017.

The company has also expanded to offer other beauty products for those who want to add some extra value to their hair.

In its latest product launch, Fobi has launched a brand called Fobi-A.

The company has launched three new products in the Fobi store.

The first is Fobi Hair Brush, which comes in three different styles.

The brush is made from natural ingredients like jojoba oil, jojacow, aloe, and coconut oil.

The other two styles are Fobi Facial Oil and Fobi Face Oil.

Both products come in a range of shades ranging from soft to heavy.

The Fobi hair brush is priced at around Rs 10,000 and the Fibo facial oil is priced around Rs 2,500.

The Facial oil is available in different shades ranging between Light to Medium.

The facial oil has a unique texture to it that can be used to sculpt your face or create a smile.

Both of the products are available for sale at a discount of up to 50% off the retail price.

The third product that is being announced is the Fobabush.

This is a hair mask that is made of ingredients like cetyl alcohol, alkahestrol, glycerin, jojo and cocoa butter.

The mask is priced between Rs 10 and Rs 20.

The price of this product is currently around Rs 8,500, which means that it is not the cheapest product on offer.

However, the company is offering it at a discounted price of Rs 1,500 per mask.

Customers will be able to purchase the Fobe-A and Fobabaush products from their account by clicking on the ‘Fobi Shop’ tab on the Foti website.

Fobi has been launching new products with a focus on wellness and health in the country.

It is a platform that has seen its users increase from 8 million in December 2017 to almost 33 million now.

Focio, the CEO of Fobi told CoinDesk that the company had also expanded

How to use the new Pantene Hair Care product, how to use it in a salon

  • June 18, 2021

PANTENE Hair Care products have been making a splash in the hair care world recently.

According to the brand’s website, the new hair care products are “made for your daily needs and are designed to be applied to your hair as needed”. 

While we all know how popular and versatile the products are, we still don’t know how to apply them to our hair.

Here are the steps you need to follow when applying them to your own hair. 

Step 1 – Apply the Pantene products to your scalp, using a cotton swab (or an applicator) to apply the product to your desired area.

Step 2 – Use a hair curler to remove excess product, leaving the remaining product to cover your hair.

The hair care product should stay on for about three minutes before your scalp starts to feel better.

Once your hair has completely recovered, rinse the excess product off with water and a shampoo.


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